Setting Guide for whom couldn't Receive the Email

If you could not receive the email from "", it may apply to any of the following.

It is sorted into 'spam folder' etc.
Please check whether email has arrived except at your usual receive folder (spam folder etc.) of your email software (application).
Blocked by mail filter
Especially, if you are using an email address of mobile phone, there is a possibility that it is set to refuse 'email from the Internet'.
Please be sure to receive email from '' at the setting of recieving email.

How to set mail filter here.
If you could not set up properly, please contact Atsystem ltd. Support Desk at 0120-47-3712
※Toll-free reception hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays
In the case of iCloud mail or Gmail, the capacity of online storage is insufficient.
Apple's iCloud Email (,email address from,, and, and Google's Gmail (,email address from, are the amount of online storage allocated per user. You can use it within the range.

The capacity of online storage is shared by multiple services as follows.
  • For Apple
    iCloud Mail, Backup, Photo Library, and iCloud Drive etc.
  • For Google
    Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos etc.
If automatic uploading of photos and files is set to effective by user's iPhone and smartphone etc., there is a possibility that the capacity of online storage will run out without noticing.

If the capacity of the online storage is insufficient, there will be no space available for email and you will not be able to receive email from the outside.

If you cannot receive email, please confirm the capacity of the online storage at the setting screen of iPhone, smartphone etc. Moreover, if the capacity is insufficient, please consider securing the capacity to receive email normally.

▽Here is the information for setting method for receiving designated email.